For when you have 80 things on your to-do list, a screaming child (and husband) and you're all set to go out for five seconds of relaxation with your girls but you're completely out of edge control!
Oh wait -- it doesn't even matter, because the wig you're soaking to clean in the kitchen sink just got shredded to pieces by the garbage disposer and you don't have enough bundles to make a wig! 
That is where we come in. With fast shipping anywhere in the US and expedited order processing, The Monae Way is simple: exceptional service, exceptionally fast. 
So take a deep breath, order a headband wig and a grab a mimosa (the less OJ the better) because being a mom is stressful, but treating yourself is all in the click. So add that headband wig to your cart, and we'll get that order to you faster than Tyler Perry writes Madea movies.
And if you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my blog here on the site on my life with two growing kings and the journey of a single mom. 





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